The Heartbreak Option - An Inspiring True Story

A young single woman finds herself broke and pregnant in a foreign country thousands of miles from relatives and friends. There are only three options. One of them is The Heartbreak Option.

Giving away her baby for adoption is the most agonising decision any woman ever has to make. But for this 19- year old Australian girl there really was no other choice.

This is the amazing but true story of Lori Dawn Cartagena, a glamorous young Australian singer/dancer who survived ambushes and mortar attacks when working as an entertainer in South-East Asia during the Vietnam War, only to soon find herself in another desperate situation. After fleeing war torn Vietnam for Canada Lori had a brief affair with a handsome and charming Toronto businessman.


Soon after, she moved to Miami, Florida, to join a new stage show where she found that she was pregnant. She then had to make the toughest and most heartbreaking decision of her young life.

But at the very moment when the nursing sister in Florida snatched her new born baby son away Lori made a solemn vow that one day she would find him again. She wasn’t able to locate him but 34 years later - he found her! After many adventures in many countries, Lori and her long lost son were finally and wonderfully reunited.