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Dear Lori,

My name is Julie Rose. I am 52 years old and live in Belmont Brisbane. I am married to a school teacher and work as a practice manager for an eye specialist in Coorparoo. I have never had any children. 

The above is irrelevant to my email but I didn't want you to think I was a "crazy" Emailing you.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought your book was. I just finished it and being a very big reader ( of mainly non-fiction but particularly biographies), I just couldn't not send you a note to tell you how talented you are as a writer. With having such a wonderfully interesting life as a canvas to work with, it was just incredible how your life played out on those pages. I couldn't wait to get home every night from work to see what had happened to you next. !! I laughed and cried at your different trials but was absolutely riveted the whole time. Just imagine the frequent flyer points you would have clocked up if they'd been around then !!!!

You are a truly brave and selfless person to make a decision like you did at that time , putting your head in front of your heart could not have been easy. I do hope you keep up your writing as you are a natural. 

I wish you many happy years ahead with your new-found son. ( would have loved to have seen a photo of him at the back of the book also seeing he's such a good sort as you said ) - but I suppose you have to think of his privacy !!

Cheers and best wishes

Julie Rose

Hi Lori.

Thank you for the great talk yesterday and you won’t believe it; started reading your book straight away and finished it this morning; wow what a journey and cried so much when you and Stephen finally saw each other. Having two sons myself, I can only half imagine what it would have been like to give one ‘up’ and to be reunited so many years later. What an incredible story and what an incredible life. And what an incredible life for Stephen as well; he seems like such a honourable man to tell you straight away ‘thanks for having me’. That is so considerate; for you and what you went through, he seems like a very nice man.

Regarding your life; wow. You remind me a lot of a dear friend of mine in Holland; one big heart and what a powerhouse (energy wise.).

I find it almost amazing that you’re now looking after your elderly father, because I did wonder how the relationship with your father was and the amount of love he was able to express to you, and how it had affected your journeys in life and all the travels and adventures. (That’s just the writer in me... Always searching that level deeper...)

The Irvin story completely blew me away, wow!! I found that really quite something; what a thing to happen to someone. It really left an impression, I reckon he’s still ‘around you’ trying to send his love.

Anyway, a great book Lori, and a great life; really something to be proud of and very (very!) touching at times.

Well done girl; stay in touch.

Love Els (van Poppel).